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Erotic Bodywork & Sexploration for couples


Classic full body sensual massage for couples

       Sometimes just a change of pace can spice things up. All the touching and teasing for two by two (option of a female or male partner). A combination of deep tissue and sensual massage giving you time to relax and release the tension. As the excitement builds teasing your naughty bits leaving you primed and ready for one another to continue your time privately, here or else where. .



1.5 hr. $600 / 2.5 hr. $900 


Sexploration sessions for couples 

       Men are generally taught from a very young age to shut down their feelings.        "act like a man"              Thus, limiting many men's communication skills, exploration of sexuality and over all satisfaction in  life. Challenge stereotypes about how  men are supposed to do or be. Here I help men to compassionately unravel ideas of masculinity and erectile performance, encouraging you to become more comfortable and confident with your sexual self.


       Women are socialized to be givers, to have good impulse control, ignore their own desires, and focused on their partner. Beginning in the Victorian era, women have been groomed to think they are supposed to be pure, asexual, and withholding while female sexuality has been hypocritically exploited for profit by society. I can help you to...


Identify your intimacy style,

Discover your core desires, 

Communicate your desires & boundaries,

Redefine what sex looks like, 

Explore self-touch for pleasure,

Find body & anatomy acceptance,

Identify & eliminate inhibitors,

Sample sex toys plus so much more.


      Orgasms through masturbation or partnered "sex" can be cathartic and healing. Discover there is still more for you in your sex life with no pressure to perform, just explore the possibilities. Experience several hands-on exercises, through a range of modalities including somatic practices, full body touch, guided visualizations, expressive vocalizations, role play, tantric principles, and other holistic approaches learn ways to honestly communicate your needs, wants, and desires.

Couple Salsa Dancing
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